7 Dec 2013. "Emotions running high, the results of the hearings will be a long time to comprehend, to work with them. So far, only the facts:

1. The hearing was held. It went quite a organized. We showed and proved above all to ourselves that can organize and hold hearings on its rules, at a convenient time and in a convenient place, so they took as many people as possible.

2. The hearing was attended by 139 participants. People were a little more, not all have time to register.
Registered residents of the village and station Butaki, POS Polina, p. Tominskiy, Tomino village, South of the Mine, Dubrovka, V. smoline, Kaygorodova, Voznesenky, Glinka, Poletayevo, Kopeysk, Yemanzhelinsk, of course, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan region., even (1), Yekaterinburg (1) and Chrysostom (2)

4. RMK, in particular, CJSC “Tominskiy mine”, despite all the press releases, not respecting us, apparently decided that it is not necessary to communicate with people, to explain how, since all "at the top all decided”. Well, apparently, these guys will be disappointed :)

5. The speakers were A. A. Telefon (K. Yu.N.), Tyurin Alexander Grigorievich (doctor of chemical Sciences, head of Department of analytical and physical chemistry, Chelyabinsk state University, Professor), J. B. Cherkasov ("Jurastrasse"), O. A. Magazov, Grishina, Valeria V. (member of the Voznesensky rural settlement of Sosnovsky district), Muhamediyarova Olga ( assistant Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation V. K. Hartung, one of the leaders of protect Fun slides in Zlatoust)

6. As RMK has ignored people on the benefits of this project to say there was no one. But the possible disadvantages has been said a lot: the project is dangerous, the risks are clear, but the mechanisms of their elimination or minimization remains unknown (again, because of the ignoring of our questions RMK). This, incidentally, is considered a very serious reason for our government to think about who they're going to deal with, give them the RMK reliable information or do the same as with us

7. Following the hearing, unanimously adopted an appeal to Russian President, the Governor of Chelyabinsk region Yurevich M. V., head of RMK

8. The hearings were audio-recorded, video recording (thanks to V. Y. Prihodkin and K. Zharinov), Twitter and the live webcast (thank you A. Koretsky)

9. To all who helped in the organization of hearings, recorded people, printed, distributed and hung the cards, looking for experts, set up, and to everyone who spent their time driving all the settlements, who wrote about these hearings, all who came to Chelyabinsk - bow. Together we can do more."


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