Stop Mining

"have YOU been TO PARIS?"

Vasily Moskovets

Stop Mining

"Do you know where there's a bend to Paris?"

The celebration of CONSTITUTION DAY , marked by the campaign to talk to the ACTING head of Chelyabinsk V. Elistratov became a new inexhaustible source of inspiration for Chelyabinsk.

Have not had time to subside the excitement of Karabash (in the best sense of the word) , as a guiding star shone Paris.

Question ACTING about how long we were in Paris sounded so casually, that we believe in something that literally will soon be spending a weekend in Paris, walking around the Montmartre and comparing the air of Paris and Chelyabinsk. There was even the idea that after the opening of the new building Balandino Airport, the first departing from his flight to Paris.

But seriously, it is not yet completed airport, we have every day to breathe the air of Chelyabinsk, which in the last ten days so fervently gritted teeth every time you inhale, air that in Chelyabinsk has the taste, color and smell, and they are not pleasant.
At leisure, looked, whether in Paris or zinc Ferroalloy plant, and there is expected was not there, and how are they poor guy survive without "vitamins and minerals"?

Offer to take patronage over Paris, and the first "humanitarian" package to send to the ACTING mayor Vladimir Elistratov. He told them about Chelyabinsk will tell us is better than in Paris.

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