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Vasily Moskovets

Stop Mining

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Today, 14.12.2018 year the Arbitration court of Chelyabinsk region held a regular meeting on the suit to stop the construction of "Tominsk GOK".
The trial from residents of Chelyabinsk, is a well-known lawyer, Director of "Environmental consulting" Kazantsev Vladimir.

In today's hearing the court made two important decisions:

1) the request of RMK, on the termination of the trial to REJECT

2) further consideration of the issues in the framework of the trial to leave the Arbitration court of Chelyabinsk region.

The next meeting will wait now in February 2019.
Today the four of us - Kazantsev, R. V., Knyazeva S. V., Orthosia N. And. and Gavrilov, V. A. - have signed their expert opinion on specific issues relating to this unwanted project, and were already prepared to act as expert witnesses in court.
However, the court found it necessary to postpone the hearing of experts and the admission of their opinions in the case file for the period after 01.01.2019.

Therefore, our main message remains the same:
a) the activities of the Tominsk GOK can be stopped AT ANY stage,
b) Chelyabinsk will fight to the end. UNTIL HIS BITTER END.

PS And after the New Year - I hope - will be able to share some good news with the "other front".