"Ay, Chelyabinsk? If you can hear the echoing footsteps of the approaching disaster? Every day our silence is in meters and meters which are under construction for the Korkino section of the slurry pipeline. Meters and meters to be cut down under his protective forests. And miles and miles of territory in which life after the launch of Tahoka stop. And this is not a figure of speech.

We sit at home watching TV, we are surrounded by familiar faces, warm and cozy. Difficult to force myself to go to the rally, if the threat somewhere in the future.

Imagine your fresh-faced child comes to incessant coughing from dust and smog. Imagine that your beloved is slowly dying from the terrible disease. Imagine that the tap is not pure water. No water whatsoever. Your garden is dying from acid rain. Your apartment is not worth anything. Your city - industrial ghetto.

It's not a dystopia is our future. And with each passing day of inactivity and silence it's getting closer. Step by step, meter by meter.

As we look into the eyes of the closest and tell, why not come to the meeting, why silent? Laziness? More important things to do? Fishing, series, stores?

There's something more important! Arkhangelsk was released on ten-thousand protest when we transp? Open your eyes, friends, delay the case, bring your friends and family! 21 APR, sun, square.Kolyshenko. Because #ктоеслинеты2019 ?"

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