RIA "New day" reports "Confrontation RMK building near Chelyabinsk mining and processing plant, and opponents of the construction have reached a new level. The activists of the movement «Stop mining” began to openly threaten.

As the correspondent of RIA «New Day" may 7, 21:22 unknown called Faith Savchenko and using profanity and trying to intimidate a woman taking an active part in the information campaign against Tominsk GOK, promising her serious problems with the law including.

“we Believe that the threats are connected with the public activities of the Faith Dmitrievna, – stated in the motion. – Threats perceived real. Currently preparing a statement to the police and requested a thorough investigation of the incident”.

“Most of our projects aimed at informing citizens (the young died, but the point of their lives), to maintain in the Chelyabinsk activity (Stoppok lives and will continue their just cause), to attract to our ranks the new caring, –commented Vera Savchenko. – Here and make conclusions: our government was opposed to inform people and to deliver information about the real situation at the Federal level. Let the citizens listen to Leshchenko, and at the top let them think that local officials acting in their duties manage”.

“If started threatening, so fear of these shares. So these actions can be effective. I wonder what is wanted to make the activists STOP Mining so much scared RMK or their supervisors in the bodies? So strained, once they emerged, and thus gave themselves and their surveillance of activists?», – nominate a point of view other participants of movement.

“of Course, it's the person bribed. I wonder if he will be another air to breathe or his children won't drink the poisoned water? Cuts the branch on which it sits. When will hurt himself or his children, I wonder what will he say? No money is not enough for recuperation after”.

Thank you Olga Arsentieva for prompt publication.
Publicity is our only defense.

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