Where ofshornye - there is social conflict when the full non-interference of power

Ofshornye showed himself to the people in all "glory":

"the soldiers of the Academy RMK involved in the dispersal of the protest against the felling of the Park

About 100 fighters of the Academy of martial arts “Russian copper company" (RMK) roughly pushed people out of the square near the drama Theater in Yekaterinburg, which came on a spontaneous protest, reports «Novaya Gazeta». 

People gathered for a rally against the felling of trees in the Park at city pond for construction of the temple. In addition, local residents expressed their dissatisfaction that no one discussed the possible construction of citizens. 

Opponents of the building of the temple and the soldiers RMK stood on different sides of the fence and were bickering. From time to time one or the other side tried to break the fence to join the fray. Fighters RMK protesters threw unextinguished cigarette butts. 

Shortly thereafter, one of the fighters RMK sprayed pepper spray into the crowd. The police tried to detain him, but the rest of the soldiers stood in his defense. Rashpilevskaja spray stole over the fence of the square, where the police conducted a conversation with him, the contents of which remained unknown."

We, the citizens of the South Ural know this "chop" in the autumn of 2016.
Now you have learned and Yekaterinburg.

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