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Square Andrievsky (crossroads thieves/Dovatora), tomorrow, August 3, from 12 to 15 hours

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Stop Mining


It's simple: not only because I believe what is happening, "gubernatorial elections" farce.
And not just because I still have not registered as a candidate, despite all executed by me the requirements of the law .

The main thing for me tomorrow to Express their support people, planted only for the fact that they decided to participate in the elections.
Not all of them are familiar, but two I know personally, and they want to say.

1. Julia Galiamina, municipal Deputy, University lecturer (working in the Higher school of Economics).
Julia came to us in Chelyabinsk last year, the seminar was conducted by the School of local government.
Always called it that for participation in elections for evolution, not for revolution.
Very decent, very intelligent woman. No idea how she is now serving his sentence in a special facility.
Kirill Nenashev took about Yulia
documentary, I highly recommend to watch it to those who do not know this woman.
It so happened that now she has become one of the leaders of the protest-2019

2.Vladimir S. Milov.
It very much helped us: in March the seventeenth year organized a round table in Moscow (unfortunately disrupted by fornicari). He came in the autumn of the seventeenth year to support us, together went to Tomino. After that he did a programme about the problem in his program "Where's the money?"

Former Deputy Minister of energy of the Russian Federation: with this post Teksler Alexei Leonidovich went to the governors of the Chelyabinsk region, but Vladimir Stanislavovich - in jail for 30 days :(

Both two very decent people.
I hope they will all safely.

Going tomorrow to picket in solidarity and respect to them and gratitude!

Come and you: Square Andrievsky (crossroads thieves/Dovatora), tomorrow, August 3, from 12 to 15 hours

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