Stop Mining


Our opponents cleverly acted - let's give them credit. Created group clone of our group, in which only the number of participants more, but there our name is our information.

A couple of weeks ago I complained to the administrators of the social network VK that on my behalf without my consent are the positions in the group where I am not even a member. In response I was told that they will take action only if my name will be posted pornography.

However yesterday the top was attached to the announcement, issuing the true goal of the creators of clone: "OFFICIAL COMMUNITY to FIGHT AGAINST TOMINSKY GOK"

But today woke up and removed it)

Colleagues, get out of this group, don't create them the number!

And thank you Catherine!

"You style of narration is not know?)) Someone offended at SG it makes"

Repost Vera Savchenko

Stop Mining

Friends! We'll report this group to the administration of VK. Group-a clone of this group, "stop the mine" Without contacts. However, posted posts about the fundraiser. Copying someone else's material and post on their behalf. Ban them!!!! Let prove the VC who they are and what the purpose of their activities in pursuit.