Stop Mining


The South Urals on the threshold of a great disaster. And the tragedy is in the fact that most of them do not even know. Blockade officials draw the media did their job.

Thank You A. V. Coracina
Repost Vera Savchenko

Stop Mining

Nano-the bomb of mass destruction

In world history there was no precedent that in a populated area close to a city with a population of 1.25 million people and its only source of water supply was laid ecological bomb of such destructive power. And the danger of its not only the stealth effect, but in the non-obviousness of the enormous harm at first.
Harm then manifest. But it's too late.
And the consequences will be irreversible.
This has ALREADY happened in the city of Karabash in Chelyabinsk region. And do not say that Tominskiy mining and "Karabashmed" have different technological schemes. It is, but waste Tominsk GOK and dumps near this city are identical, it is waste of the same sulphide ores. The chemical composition they have one.
Science proves undeniable harm. Only oligarch standing his ground. He was stronger, so it turns out.

And continues to poison the area and the people already near Chelyabinsk.

The trouble is that not all citizens deeply understand what is the main danger.
First, Tominskiy mine will drink all Miass water, and it's obvious. Concentrating production requires millions of tons of water, and only officially RMK has requested 40 million cubic meters of water per year. Shallow river Miass dries completely. Let's see what it has become.

And in the General terms of the settlement Tominskoye from 2016 is set to the desired volume of water for Tominsk GOK requested even more - in the number 61-78 million cubic meters per year. (volume 1, p. 136).

But, secondly and most importantly, people misunderstood, they are threatened not only dehydration and contamination of the water, but unprecedented, radically new danger – not just the harmful elements, but nano-particles. The fact that the grinding in mineral processing production is carried out to a particle size of 85 percent of class less than 71 microns (up to about 0,0774 mm). In fact, it is not even the dust and powder.

On the fundamental laws of chemical kinetics of nanoparticles is a very different matter.

Overactive, easily soluble in water.

The laws of chemical kinetics are the same for environmentalists, and for officials. They are objective and indisputable.

South Ural residents will encounter a powerful and unprecedented effects in the history of mankind. During the work of Mining for them will fall to 770 million tons of nano-particles, and arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium, strontium and other elements of the first and second class of danger.

Does an accountant by training Teksler, which forces the bomb in the pocket RMK?
I think, based on his Russian experience, understands. There was one month that it is time to settle, will be 120!

The disgusting sound arguments about the new environmental standards.

They are like crocodile tears, and lobbying by slurry pipeline Texiera is no less cynical action.

The South Urals on the threshold of a great disaster. And the tragedy is in the fact that most of them do not even know. Blockade officials draw the media did their job.

In the photo from the Internet - Karabash, the black dot of the planet.