"VERSTOV.INFO" tells: "a member of the Union for human rights Bashkiria and activist "Sibay, breathe" Eduard Kadyrov has created a petition "Ban the extraction of copper in Abzelilovsky district of the Republic of Belarus", in which he spoke about the threat of contamination of drinking water for residents of Sibay and Magnitogorsk. Which is about 500 thousand people.

"In the area of development is the source of the river Small dogwood is the source of drinking water for the city of Magnitogorsk. The area also is the source of the river Big Kizil – source of drinking water for the city of Sibay. These two cities so heavily loaded with environmental problems, and the development of the field will degrade the quality of drinking water. Nine kilometers from the planned location of the development is the lake Bathing – resort area. This resort is very popular among residents of our region and all over Russia, and now its pristine ecosystem is under threat due to the development of the Deposit", – the activist wrote in the petition.

Kadyrov said that according to the current administrative regulations for the Agency, when issuing licences for mining is not carried out ecological expertise and is not the opinion of the local population, which learns of potential threats after the fact. It is therefore necessary to include in the mandatory list of procedures when issuing licenses to develop mineral resources prior environmental assessment with the participation of public organizations. Also included in the list of mandatory procedures for conducting preliminary public hearings on the development of subsoil near settlements and water bodies contamination which is potentially dangerous for people.

Because the system is imperfect, said Kadyrov, it leads to contamination of rivers and other serious issues. In addition, this leads to mass protests. As an example, he cited the Chelyabinsk movement "Stoppok".

Recall the "Russian copper company" will develop the field, which is close to Magnitogorsk. We are talking about, Salavatsky area in the Abzelilovskiy district. The plot is of 2.09 sq km and estimated resources of copper ore are estimated at 208,7 million tonnes of ore and 992,6 kt of copper at an average copper content of 0.48%. The right of use of bowels of the Bashkir bought the concern "Russian copper company". The contract was concluded for 25 years.

Note that the village of Salavat-farm is 33 kilometres from the border of the Abzelilovsky district of Magnitogorsk. Production-copper mine located approximately 9-10 km from the ski center "metallurg-Magnitogorsk" and Bannoe lake. Thus, ecology in the area a favorite vacation spot residents of Magnitogorsk can deteriorate. In the end, there are several sanatoriums."


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