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Stop Mining

What is this?!

Stop Mining

In the morning I go, I look — from the Public library some construction. Hear the sound of chainsaws, heart sank. Come closer and work dopilivat the remains of a luxurious tree, decorating the entrance to a Park that we built in 2017.

"It's not my fault buddy, I gave the money, said to cut" — sadly said the worker. Ask, what is wrong with the tree. Shows on the barrel, says, dry. I'm not an expert in identifying diseases of the tree at the end of it, took a picture, I will give it to you.

But what I do know: the shifting tiles in December (and most importantly why) will not result in anything good. The base will not be well compacted, the tile will be walking and hanging around.

In December we will see the worst: officials in a panic will be worn by contractors and to seek, where to spend the remaining money. But for the money there are a lot of budget for landscaping this year has allocated fairly and to figure out what to do with the money and order the projects did not. Or didn't want. And Yes, we are waiting for another season cut down trees, because this work is able to do in all seasons. And strain with approvals is not necessary.

By the way, begins the last a period of time when you can plan any landscaping work next year. By December for good we need to solve, and since January have ordered projects, to attract people, to create concepts, order detailed design and estimates. So from April 15 to enter for the improvement rather than the 15 of November!

According to the official Rules of improvement of Chelyabinsk, season renovation projects ends on October 15. I believe that officials violate local laws, creating tenders with the closing of the contracts until the new year. Everything that is done in the cold, under the snow — will fall apart and will quickly turn to shit. This squandering of the public good. With the law that something is wrong.

"We need to have time to spend the money this year" — this phrase should be excluded from ideology of the Russian budget planning.