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"News from the Chelyabinsk regional Prosecutor's office for treatment Ortakovski N. And. transferred to a personal reception 28.10.2019 personally to the Prosecutor of the region V. A. Lapino.

What is the result?!

The Prosecutor Lapin (photo taken from open sources) promised to see with my arguments, but chose to wash his hands. What do I expect? That soon all these people, including the Government CHO, will be employed in RMK, as a Federal inspector Morev.

On the importance of the issues and in the order described in the response.

1. On the question of a truncated sanitary protection zone for Tominsk GOK (1000 and 1600 m on Miheevsky GOK to sometimes reaching up to 100 m on Tamanskom) - prosecutors are powerless, even viagra will not help. They can't, or don't want.

2. On the issue of water abstraction from the river Miass is a matter for the playwright and Fedorin - lawyers representing a public organization "Environmental consulting". The Prosecutor's office have not leisure.

3. With regards to testing the Tominskoye Deposit without treatment facilities, then sent to the Office of Rosprirodnadzor in the CHO. Obviously, to the Prosecutor's office realized that the Office was disbanded.

Finally, changing room over room, were able to get through to the Department for supervision over execution of legislation in the sphere of economy and environment and to know that the answer is mailed. Knowing the number of the post ID of departure, went to the tracking site and was surprised to learn that the letter delivered to the addressee on 5 December. Coming to native p/o No. 80 still asked to give. Searched, but found and presented, a passport is not required.
You know like a native."

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