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Vasily Moskovets:

"Again and again offered to assemble an emergency meeting Koordinacionnogo Council under the Governor of Chelyabinsk region on environmental issues.

So once again sent to the Chairman of the Board R. A. Ismailov is

As a member of the coordination Council under the Governor of Chelyabinsk region on environmental issues in connection with current situation the incessant smog, consider it necessary to convene an emergency session of the coordinating Council.

I believe that in the presence of the Governor officials of relevant ministries and agencies, local authorities of Chelyabinsk, Kopeysk and Korkino district, and also heads of industrial enterprises should submit full, comprehensive and accurate information about the execution of the decision of the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region #343 taken specific measures to reduce emissions, minimise harm to the health of the South Urals as a result of current levels of air pollution.

His willingness also to submit concrete proposals.

Member Of The Coordinating Council Vasily Moskovets

Invite the Chelyabinsk members of the Council to accede to the proposal of convening the meeting.

And, of course, asking countrymen to support the appeal . Repost, likes, comments, simply tell friends and acquaintances. Can not be silent, we must act!"

Photo Elena Whtiney

Repost Vera Savchenko

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