New poem [id168943388|Alexander] Coracina

A friend is leaving, the reason for said
and asked to be taken to the station.
He explained in two words why:
"Children get sick, when NMU.
Not for kids conditions we have,
if NMU is now every hour.
There is work, but asks wife:
from NMU she's too sick."
My friend is sure, the train is everywhere:
"You can keep all the plants in check.
Only not itchy power, and yet
from the South of the city is crawling RMK.
Will moan breaks the earth
the pit will dig where there were fields;
know: leave for us RMK
tons of toxic substances for centuries.
It poisoned the city and a cancer...
it was here bad, but not as..."
Each paused and sighed heavily:
"The power of RMK covers the wing".
You see himself. Leaving people
each programmer: he'll find you.
Look to the South and West friends.
A friend is leaving. If I'll go?

Let comes anxiety and sadness;
no, against Goku more of a fight.


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