74.RU reports: "the Deputy of the Kalinin district Council Chelyabinsk Ales Subbotin, accused of fraud with apartments, for two months was taken into custody. This decision was made by March 11, the district court, the correspondent of 74.RU.

Despite often coming from the higher power message about not to detain defendants in such cases, the accused sent to jail

According to the materials of the criminal case in 2011-2015, Ales Subbotina, being a realtor, was given for the signing clients a package of documents, which was a loan agreement and contract of sale.

— People not understanding the nature of the transaction being legally illiterate, they put their signatures. They thought that take a small amount — 50 thousand rubles bail. And in fact, gave her apartments in the property — said earlier the head of the Department SK on the Kalinin district Victor Sterz.
Damage to the two victims the investigation is estimated at 2.5 million rubles. Ales Subbotin is accused as regards 4 articles 159 of the criminal code (fraud in especially large size), on which most threatens till 10 years of imprisonment with the penalty to one million rubles. Guilt she does not recognize.

Lawyer Konstantin Akulich said about the lack of time to familiarize themselves with the materials and possible violations during the arrest. He asked the court to elect a measure of restraint for Ales Subbotina in the form of house arrest. The Prosecutor and the investigator SK insisted on signing the supernumerary case into custody.

The court found no violations during the arrest of the suspect.

— Having some experience in the field of real estate transactions, as well as having information about victims and witnesses, accused can influence them. Given that the IGP does not have a permanent legal source of income, the court finds reasonable the arguments of the preliminary investigation bodies and real reason to believe that the freedom of the accused can continue to engage in criminal activity, was read by the judge Anton Erofeev.

The court decided to elect the most rigorous measure of restraint in form of detention for two months."
Nothing is yet known about the actual circumstances of the case, we will monitor the situation.
Although the detention of a woman leading a public activity of the Deputy in any case is hardly justified.

Whatever it was, we remember and appreciate that Ales Subbotina was the initiator and organizer [club102527224|Environmental watch now!].

Let's hope for fair, impartial justice!


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