The President Of Russia Vladimir Putin:
"All payments of income (interest and dividends), stretching from Russia abroad in an offshore jurisdiction, should be subject to appropriate tax.

Now two-thirds of such funds, and in fact it is the income of specific individuals, as a result of different types of schemes, the so-called optimization subject to a real tax rate of only 2 percent.

While citizens of even small wage pay income tax at 13 percent. This, of course, to put it mildly, unfair.

So I suggest for those who bring their income in the form of dividends to foreign accounts to provide tax rate on such dividends to 15 percent. Naturally, this will require adjustments to our agreements on the avoidance of double taxation with certain countries. I ask the Government to do this. If foreign partners do not accept our proposal, then Russia will come out of these agreements unilaterally. And let's start with those countries through which significant resources of Russian origin, which is the most sensitive for our country."
Measure, of course, good. Let's hope that, in addition, ofshornikov not included in the lists of enterprises, which can be provided state support.

Yeah, right, of course, the decision on the postponement of the nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution. Now just not up to it, postpone on "after rain on Thursday"


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