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Irina Predeina very important information I found:
On 02 APR 2020. The mayor was appointed public hearings on changes in Rules of land tenure and building of municipal formation "the Chelyabinsk urban district" in urban areas 05 05 10 and 11 in the Central district of the city of Chelyabinsk — GBUZ "Chelyabinsk regional children's clinical hospital" (https://cheladmin.ru/ru/resulution/postanovlenie-glavy-goroda-chelyabins...)
The hearings were appointed on 19 February, in a completely different environment.

But today, March 31, at the website of the city administration published a notice signed by the Deputy head of Department
on architectural and urban design S. V. Samsonov that, he says, "in accordance with the decree of the government of Chelyabinsk region from 27.03.2020 No. 167-RP meeting of participants of public hearings scheduled for 02.04.2020 translates into a correspondence by mail and directions to e-mail suggestions and comments in connection with threat of distribution in the Chelyabinsk region coronavirus infection (2019-nCoV) ...all comments and suggestions should be passed to the organizer of public hearings to 07.04.2020 — Commission for the preparation of the draft Rules of land use in the city of Chelyabinsk (further — the Commission) in the following ways:
1. mail with the copy of passport with application (app) on the consent to the processing of personal data in the Administration of the city of Chelyabinsk or Management in architectural and urban design of the city of Chelyabinsk (further in the text — WAGP) to the Chairman of the Commission, Deputy mayor for urban environment, Egorov A.V.;
2. e-mail komissiyapziz@arch74.ru with attachment of a copy of the passport for registration of public hearings, the Declaration of consent for personal data processing (this method is the preferred option for ensuring safety)."

However, not even to mention the fact that now in the Chelyabinsk regional court there is a process to challenge changes in the boundaries of our forest, itself the change is only the Deputy of the head of the way of hearing clearly illegal: the decision to hold hearings was made by the Head of the city (https://cheladmin.ru/ru/resulution/postanovlenie-glavy-goroda-chelyabins...), only she has the right to change, to change the form of hearings with the full-time to part-time, especially on the issue has great public importance.

Therefore, I believe that it is more expedient in this case to send a certain Samsonov copies of their passports and to contact the head of the city with the proposal to move full-time hearings to a date after the end of the quarantine.
The most convenient way to do this is through Internet-reception of the administration: https://priemnaya.cheladmin.ru/



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