Despite the quarantine, continue to fight for the rights of the citizens of Chelyabinsk.

Treatment knyazevoy sanitary - protective zone

About inadmissibility of fulfilment
the requirements of the Constitution, Laws,
Regulations of the Russian Federation on protection of the rights
citizens to health and life.
The Head Of Rospotrebnadzor
Russian Federation
Popova A. Yu.
The head of Rospotrebnadzor in the Chelyabinsk region
A. I. Semenov

Public servants!
The authors of the following letters of clones trying, is unconvincing and fails, to justify the participation of Rospotrebnadzor of the CHO in the sting, Federal scale project Tominsk GOK – the positive results of sanitary-epidemiological conclusions on inadmissible truncated SPZ, the proposed water intake for production needs Tominsk GOK on water area of the river Miass in the second (2) zone of the SSA Shershenevsky water storage.

These findings issued contrary to the prohibitions applicable Laws and Regulations in favor of Russian, offshore companies "RMK" and its "lobby", to the detriment of the health and life of citizens of the Chelyabinsk agglomeration – more than 1.5 million people.
The active participation of Management in the project Tominsk GOK, illegal the beginning of the construction of 1 class of danger is discussed in detail in the "ground of inadmissibility of implementation of the project Tominsk GOK", which previously were sent to the CPS and the Department of Rospotrebnadzor for CHO.

Long-term business communication with experienced, principled, decent Management professionals – V. F. Kurz, G. D. Starodumova and others convince me that the FDA has the experts, for whom the Legitimacy, Dignity, Honor are not just words, but a betrayal of the interests of citizens – is unacceptable.

These experts will be able to return the Management of the necessary reputation. Too high responsibility Management experts before the Law and Man.
1. A letter from 23.03.2020 No. 74-00-01/32-05-3091-2020, 2 l., the 1st address.
2. A letter from 13.03.2020 No. 74-00-01/32-05-2728-2020, 2 l., the 1st address.
3. A letter from 19.12.2019 No. 74-00-01/32-05-7928-2019, 2 l., the 1st address.

On behalf of the public
The independent expert, a designer with over 50 years of experience,
20 years of experience GIPA Chelyabinsk Gipromez S. V. Knyazeva

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