"Well, let's continue.
A small entry describing the process of arson have Tominsk GOK. Several meetings ago lying the chief of legal Department Tominsk GOK – Arkhipova, sought not to attend the trial. OK so yeah? That is, it makes me 125 million of damages resulting from the delayed launch of the GOK and present wants. The same story with Reklamowy – a representative of the Main forest Management. Type, you're the judge himself take care of this insolent Tartar, and we, the sissy, to be present during the implementation of the violence do not want. Our fine mental organization rasstraivaet. Say that injured you? Yeah. So give up claims. As the charge says could cause damage (photo 1). But since the court only takes into account the severity of the consequences occurring (ideally), then let us part is good.

And again. If at the beginning of the process attended the meetings, and journalists, and strange personality similar to fsbeshnikov and eshnikov, and just onlookers, but now the room is empty. And since there is no control, the judge began to drive. Moreover, it was the questioning of Medvedev, we believe agent pravoohranitelnyh organs, 5 June 2018 in break of a court session in the court corridor away from the hall at a decent distance interacted with Rat – witness for the prosecution. That's what the conversation could be between the defendant and an employee of the CPE? I where all this.

In the process lost all interest. And the man in the street, it is clear, and it is not condemned and is not discussed, and cops, and facer, journalists and the occupants of RMK, and the administration of the region and Sosnovsky district. Why? Yes, everything is fine. Mining construction, ore, according to Arkhipova, is extracted, the tailings storage facility is filled, the money to the right people drip process, the laws reduce the control of harmful plants, which reduces the area of protected natural areas, and stopped the mouth of the men, accepted. Well ..... Elections are here again. Constitution. "The new government". Coronavirus...
Finished the last time that Medvedev, as we believe the police agent, Moskovets not the authority. And it is clear. That would be interesting? The fact that Medvedev confirms his testimony in full. The readings vary. As it was actually impossible to understand. Lies, those people. Example. Says that the date, place, time, acts of intimidation in September outlined Moskovets. When answering the lawyer's questions said that Moskovets on the site of the arson was not. And specifically Moskovets was not persuaded to burn. Was just on the other side, and is 3 kilometers in a straight line. The purpose of the output on mine in the night from 10 th to 11 th Asadullin did not speak, and he did not ask, just walked. Just went! So who marked the place and time? And how can you designate a place without having visited it beforehand? And so in all. Well at least they said that the place was deserted clearing in the woods, not lighted, not fenced, security is not visible, the box is not visible, the platform deserted, the weather is rainy. Medvedev recalled that Asadullin said, "It is good that rainy".

On the question of why to it 15 September 2017 home with a search warrant said police, said that someone from participants of process have passed. Mmmmm... Yes... Police seized a flash drive with secretly recorded conversations. And that was seized from him a flash drive, told Krysino – police officer (who was also present at the search), and it is the way with 11 September, i.e. four days as he takes on the case as a witness, and thus to participate in the operational support of the case are not allowed. Conveniently same. Secretly recorded conversations on tape in the smart phone, threw the stick and gave Krysino. Well, taught him probably.

In the fall of 2018 Medvedev wrote a denunciation, where the accused Moskovets in the solicitation. Well, it looks like the authorities decided. Performed. You remember that originally there were two defendants, I and Medvedev. And since reading Medvedev gave conflicting Prosecutor sought to read them all in two years of investigation and trial. It lasted as much as a day. Result. It became obvious that the person is lying.
To be continued.
In photo 2 our wonderful advocates."


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