In full swing now collecting signatures for us, candidates to the Legislative Assembly of Chelyabinsk region from party "the Apple".
Let me remind you, from the Movement "STOP mining" in the party list of Yabloko nominated Dina Abdrakhmanova, Asadullin Hamilton, Moskovets Vasiliy Yakovenko Valeriy

If you, my countrymen, contrary to expectation, have not left his signature, in a hurry to do this, there are only 5 days.
Leave a signature after "public Services", and the old-fashioned way, on paper.
Now the most important step: don't we gather signatures (and for the party list you need 14 000 signatures) - again on the ballot is only one EP companions, with all the ensuing consequences: the endless smog, the endless attempts to bite off another piece or just a piece of Boron, garbage collapse, dollar billionaire Strukov in the head of the Committee of ecology, etc., etc.

In our power to change the situation, but now it is word and deed must be for you, for your signatures.

The collection of signatures for participation of the Yabloko party and single-mandate Apple
in the headquarters (hotel Meridian (Lenin, 21A, 2, -1 floor);
the Leninsky district in one of the Leninsky district will be made to the address: Chelyabinsk, Gagarina str. 7A, office 508 (phone 8 902 89 42 305, please be sure to call in advance, agree on a meeting time that was in place)


Stop Mining