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All who are willing to support us, the team of the Chelyabinsk "Apple" in the elections, but have not yet done so - now is the time to put your signature using "public Services". It seems PAH-PAH, the service started working.

Stop Mining

Support is not difficult!?
Like it worked and we began to see all your signatures in support of the public SERVICES.

Request to all who could not or have not yet managed to find a section of my polls to try to support us in your account on GOCOUGAR.

Just had a zoom conference with representatives of the Ministry of communications and election Committee of the Chelyabinsk region, during which gained the functionality to collect signatures in support of parties and candidates on the portal GOSUSLUGI.

I had 6 issues that was partially solved:

1. Why not a similar mailing to the voters in terms of support of candidates for voting on amendments. newsletter left, see mailboxes)

2. When and why so late gained functionality of the personal account to support candidates and parties. - earned all the 3 of July, as long because it's an experiment)

3. Why some voters do not have the opportunity in your account on the public to sign in support of the party or candidate. - if a person has no such opportunity GEOLOGO, it is not in the voter lists, but he can do it on paper.

4. Why don't the mobile apps of public SERVICES, people do not see my election. - everything works

5. Who is responsible for this and can be extended by the period of collection of signatures in electronic form. - nobody carries responsibility, because it's an experiment, time to renew, no one will.

6. What is the deadline for the elimination of technical problems and failures. - the term of address 12-16 hours, all the problems are removed at night. ON all issues, the voter must personally contact support and send login of your office, screen or video problems on and/or