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"The Russian Socio-ecological Union (Rsoes) analyzed the cases of pressure and persecution of environmental activists in Russia in June 2020. With the help of police harassment and unjust decisions of the courts tried to influence the defenders of Chiesa, antiwhaling activists of Kuzbass, opponents MSZ - a defender of the Park in Vsevolzhsk during the arrest and did broke his arm.

Only in June 2020 fixed 11 new episodes of pressure in relation to no less than 30 environmental activists in 6 regions of Russia. Composed of at least 11 new administrative protocols, including 5 for violation of "isolation". 12 earlier episodes developed - among them 4 are connected with the court decisions on administrative cases brought in March against opponents of the construction area South-East chord in Moscow. These 4 episodes have touched at least 27 people. The total amount of fines amounted to 135 thousand rubles.

Previously, for five months 2020 Rsoes were 63 episodes of pressure in relation to more than 170 the environmental activists groups and NGOs in 20 regions of Russia.

"The dark night before dawn. Thus, if we now together will survive this blow, and in this pursuit - so let's go with a proudly raised head. And if you do not survive - we just trample the grass-roots and civil society will cease to exist in Russia. As soon as the government tightens the screws, moving towards a dictatorship of one person by leaps and bounds, it is the sole unchangeable power, they believe that it is necessary to push each resisting in all possible ways - said, "Activetime" one of the leaders of Stopcock from Chelyabinsk Vasily Moskovets. Vasily is a defendant in a criminal case about the alleged "arson" of the forest, felled for the construction of the Tominsk GOK, the court's decision in his case is expected soon."

Full article at the link http://m.activatica.org/blogs/view/id/10465/title/presledovanie-jekoakti...


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