Stop Mining


Repost Vera Savchenko

Stop Mining

Chelyabinsk, of course, an easy target for critics (and meteorites). In fits of love we enthusiastically corim to show the scale of the problems and the unwillingness to put up with them. The motive is clear.

I read a post here left woman right fshoke-fshoke from Chelyabinsk, and I thought that we like even overdone with criticism. In our retelling of Chelyabinsk looks like such a hole that remains is to fill it with dust, well, or quarry dust (that remains from career officials).

It's like a child who all the time blame the lack of talent, hoping to awaken a fighting spirit. If the child will get up, shake, and say, "I Lived twelve years of mediocrity, but that's enough." And press the button on the belly that runs a propeller of genius.

We ourselves before intimidated that do not believe in the best. Fighting for the record. Sour more and more.

Considered with those in whom there is confidence. Unless despair is considered not necessary.

Sit on any press dinner surrounded by Muscovites and what do you hear? What we have here is radiation all around, acid rain and black snow. We have all of this (and not only here), but... the Muscovites are sure that Chelyabinsk and Prypiat-1986 — a kind of sister cities. Begin to explain that the same radiation from us slightly to the side and localized, but radiation is such a safe word, which God forbid.

Do not be surprised if the Federal center also says. What? Chelyabinsk? That black hole, in which are the black direne? Do they have another hole. And saharnim from the air, not to destroy the traditional way.

Means of reducing the Chelyabinsk only a win-win recipe might be to leave. We as battery electrolyte, from which the water is evaporated always, there is only the acid. We have created a reputation of being patient, but grouchy, which suits those who have the city plans. Povorchu and her kill. Or leave. But do not care.

I am not for myth-making and concealment of problems, of which I see a lot: ecology, taxis, buildings, water, coved and so on. I'm more for separation of flies from cutlets. Chelyabinsk, as a city, which was good. Bad some of the traditions and some of the trends. If you look at the city at all, it is promising. Chelyabinsk is located in a great location at the cross roads, he has an interesting climate and a diverse neighborhood. A good road network, the airport and a piece of iron. Relatively rich. Diversified. There are universities, theaters, stadiums, PML №31, Kirovka and boron. In short, there is a basis. You can do the city life. You can allow yourself to believe, and then to melt a belief in something real.

I understand that critics are trying to show the helplessness of the authorities, not the city in General. But power is transient, and the criticism falls on the city a layer of dust that accumulates, and accumulates, and accumulates, and and look to bury him. And drives all depressed, out of which two loop or escape. But no, you know.

The author of the text saw was the holes on the roads and lack of greenery, I can't agree completely. On Universitetskay embankment, rolled asphalt, and I thought to myself: as always, the hatches will be left for recessed two feet. And here you see hatches like on the Ticker. That's the same damn.

Places where rush Chelyabinsk refugees created by people who did not run themselves. Who had faith in these places, was a vision, was the obstinacy. Not passive-aggressive, and normal such, slyly. So the leader could stand up and say: "Vladimir Vladimirovich, can't agree. SCO will. Sorry for the bluntness. Objectives we understand, but not to distract you from the important things in the future, here is a small rider..." Yes, somewhere you need to maneuver microgiving, wait. But to see the goal and not a handful of mud, which Chelyabinsk is centered in the retelling of the "constructive critics".

Chelyabinsk need leaders, names which will not be ashamed to call a few streets. And not just the leaders: let people believe in the city. And stop to humiliate him for the record.