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Hamilton Asadullin:

"All good.
Uh, in court today was interesting.
So. As you know, Moskovets was accused of arson on Tamanskom GOK only in the fall of 2018, a year after the events, and only after denunciation Medvedev, we believe a police agent accused of Moskovets in the solicitation. Yes, remember what I said Krysin, a member of the IACS? How did you hear about the planned arson is a state secret, which includes the names of the agents of the secret police. Today was questioned by the expert linguist MIA Y. V. Ruchkin(photo 1), which clearly say that persuasion in the speech of Moskovets was not. Moreover, he was against it, saying: "Definitely to burn don't need anything"... the Expert explained that incitement involves persuasion. I.e., successive requests on the same issue, the object of the conversation. There were a lot of specific terms that I can not repeat. But the point is. Incitement was not, as it was not an integral part thereof, namely persuasion (photo 2).
Moreover incitement was not in the speech Asadullina, and only offer in the form of desire. Well such language.
About terms like causaremos action, the agens, contrahens, sender, I generally keep quiet.

Then even more interesting. As you know, Tominskiy GOK in support of damages provided help (photo 3-4), which presents rough estimates of how much would mine fell short of revenue due to stoppage of work at the facility for one day. Well, in addition to the damage from nedobytye tons of ore there is, and the detriment of the contractor LLC "Renaltransplant," which spent temporary road, develop Parking, and established a "razor" barbed wire. It turned out an interesting thing. Is in help regarding this company, the damage is not from a one-day shutdown, but, bitch, the sum of all of the work they performed at the time of the arson! Estimate. It is even the judge is perplexed, saying, " And how it relates to damage?". And then, how could it suffer from fire, a temporary road, Parking, and barbed wire?
Here is how then not to call Arkhipov (photo 5) – the chief of legal Department of the GOK, lying bitch. And again. When Moskovets tried to get attorney's request to the firm "Renaltransplant", it turned out that the address of the company - the apartment is in a typical nine-storey building on the University Embankment. That is a fake firm. And after all, RMK all the way. Fake acts of the measurement of wood, fake contractors, fake certificates damage, fake diagrams of the scene. RMK only get people tested to the level of meanness and baseness. If the above summit take pleasure. But so it goes, no?

In short, in addition, was considered by our petitions. Because attorney requests are not answered or refused, had to ask to do this trial. He will not refuse. Well, here's a query in marketeria the court refused to send, and we have reasonable doubt that the scene is set out in the indictment is true. In rosreestra request sent to figure out, but what is actually behind the site where the incident occurred, according to our data, in 2017 it was agricultural land, not industrial land. About the call of the expert linguist who made the first examination in 2018, the petition granted. Another expert on vacation, waiting for the end of August.

That's about it. The next meeting will take place on 10 August at 14:30."

Repost Vera Savchenko

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