RIA "New day" reports: "on July 22 the Prosecutor's office reported: 249 trees and shrubs planted in the Central, Soviet, Leninsk and Kalininsky districts in 17 municipal contracts concluded by the city administration last year, has died.
"Also, it was discovered that the failure of the district administrations of measures to compel the contractors for execution of warranty obligations, compensatory planting dead trees and cases of inadequate performance by contractors of responsibilities for watering and maintenance of plantings", – said the Agency. Heads of administrations of the Central, Soviet, Lenin and Kalininsky districts (Victor Reclines, Vladislav Makarov, Alexander Orel and Sergey Kolesnik) were submitted to the Prosecutor's representation about elimination of viyavlennya violations of the law with the immediate requirements of their elimination and attraction of guilty officials to justice."

Full article at the link https://newdaynews.ru/chelyabinsk/699094.html
Under continuous stirring the statements of officials that in Chelyabinsk there is a mass planting of trees, we have enough that there is inadequate care for planted greenery, the IO is planned and conducted, and a massive (for the area) felling of trees.

Details about what happens on Topolanke told [id264872336|Maria] Berseneva https://vk.com/wall264872336_2055


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