Stop Mining

"APPLE" IS VALID! Repost V. Moskovets #Stopgo

Stop Mining


Monday, August 10, the Chelyabinsk "APPLE" will hold a picket "CHELYABINSK VS EMISSIONS."

"We urge all Chelyabinsk residents to join our campaign - says Yaroslav Scherbakov, Chairman of the Chelyabinsk "APPLE". Environmental decrees of the President by Governor Texiera not executed. The situation with air pollution in our region every day it gets worse. Regularly receives complaints from citizens about what they can't breathe. Comes to the fact that people go to another area of the city just to breathe fresh air. We will submit to the Governor warning – will start collecting signatures under the appeal to the President to show a red card to Teksler".

In addition to "Apple", organizers of the campaign are the public movement "emissions" and "Stop mining".

A rally will be held on the walk of Fame, opposite the Government of the Chelyabinsk region. The exact time will be announced additionally.