"Business district - Chelyabinsk" reports: "the state of NMU in the region introduced on 31 July and is still ongoing. In the ecology report that Mechel, "Mechel-Koks", OJSC chemw, "Fortum", "Techno", "Minplita" suspended part of the work to reduce emissions. However, some industrial enterprises are stored excess of maximum permissible concentration of phenol, hydrogen sulfide, formaldehyde.
Residents plan to go with picket to the building of the regional government. They want to report, not happy with the struggle of the Governor of Teksler emissions of enterprises.

In the mayoralty of Chelyabinsk sent the notice on holding a picket near the building of the regional government. Cause of action — outrage of the townspeople emissions of polluting enterprises and government inaction, according to the initiator of the party "Yabloko". The protesters plan to Express dissatisfaction with the work of the Governor of Teksler."

Go out into the street because there is no guarantee that emissions do even a small part of the suspended.
To all of our demands and requests to publish agreement with Industrialists, hold meetings with them in live mode, we say one thing: this is a commercial secret.

So you need to go and demand answers from Governor Texler and To: whose commercial interests are protected by commercial secrecy regime, he and his officials what deals and on what terms lies with the Industrialists in secret from us and how long we will continuously poison?!



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