Participation in the construction of the Temple want to atone for the destruction of 3,000 hectares for

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Participation in the construction of the Temple want to atone for the destruction of 3,000 ha of protective forests Chelyabinsk?! Funny. And about God they know nothing, and about faith. Repost V. Moskovets #Stopgo

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News urbanism in Chelyabinsk

The Governor asked the head of the company building Tominskiy mine, to help with the money for the completion of the largest Temple region. In article write that RMK will invest about 2 billion rubles, though it has invested 180 million

The Cathedral built in 2014. Promise to finish in 2023. Considering these facts me that you can't even imagine the total cost of the construction of places of worship. It is interesting to know that the temple is thrown off even some members, and we are talking about tens millions roubles! (obviously, can afford it, again a good thing)

Cost for comparison:
1 large air-conditioned bus — 9 million rubles.
1 hectare modern Park of good materials — 100 million rubles.

As in Chelyabinsk there is no money for parks, city hall every year waiting for money under the Federal program "Urban environment". For example, in 2020 plan to build/renovate 7 squares, where each hectare allocated less than 20 million rubles. Anything durable from such repairs should not wait.

Interestingly, while we are here so the world, the oligarchs and MPs, can chip in for a new bus Park? The program of landscaping of Chelyabinsk? The network is accessible streets for everyone? Or are the objects over which it is impossible to cut the ribbon, and accordingly remain in the memory of generations, therefore they are not interested?

No, seriously. If RMK got some money annually that they can "share" with the government, why is it such strange objects for charity? What percentage of people are what you meet on the street and ask "what do you want in the city most of all", answer: "Oh, that would build the Great Temple, then I would be happy"?

It's like we're in different universes with the Government live.

p.s. and the tradition doesn't care to the elderly and disabled citizens entrance to the new Cathedral do on the third floor.