[id178222525|Valentine] Volkov: "so, friends, alert! On August 10 we will meet at the walk of Fame, to issue a warning to the Governor Teksler.

Let me first tell how it all began.
Once I accidentally walked into a group emissions vk and was surprised to learn that a lot of Chelyabinsk as well as I suffer from dirty air and they have nothing to breathe.

I read the comments and was angry, why, why the oligarchs and bureaucrats mock people? And I was tormented by the question of why we tolerate all this? Years, decades! Choking, coughing, complaining about headaches, I go to the doctors, and then what? Hospital and a cemetery?

What can I do in this situation, I, a simple resident of Chelyabinsk, little man, I thought.
I can go out, and I have to go out are the same people, tired of the daily harassment. I can no longer stand silent in the face like a bunch of villains are killing my city! I can't sit and wait when will Superman come and save my city from the emissions and dirt. The truth is that Superman must be one of us. And while we were sitting on the couch, NOBODY will begin to defend and fight for our rights.

Communicating with team members to Harmful emissions, I realized that many of them are also ready to go. They're big fellows, but of indignation in social networks is not enough, we need to hear.

There are two categories: the first is people who already don't believe in anything, we don't decide, what's the point in promotions and petitions? The second are those hotheads who egged on to actively protest, even illegal. Moreover, these are not yet ready to become leaders and participants.

I understand both the first and second, but I also understand the responsibility and consequences.
Yes, Chelyabinsk is asleep. Yes, we are very inactive, Yes, we are hard to shake. May not we have reached the boiling point, although it would seem, what could be next?

But start with something right! I'm ready to pass this way, and I'd be happy if people like me will go with me.

Authorities, of course, really do not like our plans. And they will fix us obstacles as bureaucratic and power. In order not to expose people, I suggest doing everything reasonably and consistently.
The main thing we need right now: MASS and ACTIVITY.

We should be a lot. We need to see and hear. To be silent we can no longer.
So, I invite you to the walk of fame, tsvillinga, 27, from regional government from 12.00 to 20.00 on acoshed to collect signatures. This is not a mass event, so that problems with the law will not.

In addition, we will record everyone who wants to live: with a red card in the hands of anyone will be able to Express all the pent-and-tell, for which he shall issue a red card to Teksler. Plus, pickets a red card.

We will collect signatures under the appeal to Teksler, we put forward a number of conditions. If our demands are not met, we go to the next step - the requirement of RESIGNATION of the Governor of Teksler.
Further - the more we will become, the stronger we shall be. And I hope one day to hear Chelyabinsk chanting not only "Enough to poison us!", but "Putin resign", because we all know whose appointee is our temporary worker Governor.

In addition, we still do not refuse from the idea of a mass March to the Governor, and holding a mass rally as soon as we can get permission to hold it.

All this will be possible only with your support and activity. Come yourself, invite your friends, repost, send this information to all Chelyabinsk group and the comments under the posts.

Thank you for your support."


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